Thank you all for submitting your great work to this award and for taking part in the online voting.

The winners who were selected by the online voting (40%) and the expert jury voting (60%) are: 1. How to make good use of food? (Poland), 2. Restlos glücklich (Germany) and 3. Feld-Schule (Austria).

The winners are invited to present their project at the STREFOWA Conference "Let's make a change" in Prague, March, 23rd 2019.

The Winners


How do make good use of food?

Our school is a gastronomy and tourism school so the problem of a waste of food is a priority of vocational training in Zesp—_ Szk—_ Gospodarczych ...


RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH (happy with leftovers)

The association RESTLOS GLÜCKLICH e.V. is committed to raise awareness on food waste. Restlos Glücklich means being happy without leftovers, withou...


feld- Schule

Our projects and excursions show the vegetables away from the agricultural fields to the cooking pots. The food's path, the possibilities of acquir...

Other Entries


My food - My future

What does my daily food have to do with our future? Seminarbäuerinnen (trained farmer`s wife) pass on the answers to this question to interested yo...


'Z talerzyka wszystko znika!' (clean plate)

Our project is to reduce food waste in kindergarten and school of Bolechowice (near Cracow). With our actions we cover multiple areas where adjustm...


Mission Liftoff

Mission Liftoff is a program that enables children from middle and high schools in Vienna to learn about waste and food waste, gender equality, and...


Feed the Planet Mahlzeit Austria

International Students from 6 different countries attend courses and workshops on the topic of foodwaste. Based on that input the students will cre...


Wirf mich nicht weg! - Don't throw me away!

We aim to reduce food waste through education in the context of "Wirf mich nicht weg!" This is a project within which professional instructors annu...


Taste it - Don't waste it

Our âTaste it - Don't waste itâ school project started by raising students awareness of the food waste problem, showing them the devastating conseq...


danachda - fromheretothere

Children learn where our food comes from in an interactive way through separate stories developed together on the "fromheretothere"-board. Knowing ...


Die Schnibbel-Party "Gemeinsam Essen gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung": Together against food waste

All over the globe food connects people no matter where they come from or where they go. So, why not use this feeling of community and happiness to...


Best of the Rest

Since 2015 "BEST OF THE REST"- absolved more than 100 interactive cooking workshops in schools in Austria/Carinthia. Due to creative cooking, the c...


Workshop: Zero Waste for Kids from 6 to 10 years

Kids from 6 to 10 years should learn in a playful way how to avoid/reduce food waste. What happens with your snack if you don't eat it? Which possi...