We Want Your Best Article Contributing To Reduce Food Waste

STREFOWA is a three year project in Central Europe to find and design new ideas dealing with food waste. Our aim is to reduce food waste or to treat it in a better, more useful way.

The #reducefoodwaste blogger award 2017 is part of STREFOWA. It will be announced three times during the next two years to highlight persons, ideas and projects dealing with food waste reduction and management in Central Europe.

The first #reducefoodwaste blogger award will honour blogs from all Central European countries that deal with food waste prevention.
Your best article on food waste prevention - already long time published or still in your head and ready to publish within the submission time - can take part in the award.

You are interested, open for new ideas, searching for surprising stuff, moving around with open eyes and ears and spreading your impressions and experiences with your community. Give us a hint and show us, what you found about food waste prevention, what is going on in your social environment, what you are impressed and surprised about… and take part in the #reducefoodwaste blogger award 2017.

Blogs play an important role to #reducefoodwaste

Blogs have conquered the Internet in the recent years. Individuals are provided with news and information on a wide range of life and lifestyle related topics in the form of diary-like contributions on their personal website. From dog blogs to food blogs to blogs on furniture and fashion - there is almost no topic that is not yet the subject of a blog – what´s about food waste?

Good bloggers today have the opportunity to reach many thousands of people with their contributions. This shows the huge potential concerning awareness creation among consumers.

Be invited to Vienna to the Transnational Blogger Meeting

Take part in our #reducefoodwaste blogger award and submit your article contributing to #reducefoodwaste in Europe and join us in Vienna as an expert.

The winners of this award will be invited to join the Transnational Blogger Meeting on food waste prevention taking place in Vienna on December 15th to present their blog and discuss with other participants about new ideas. Their invitation includes travel expenses, two overnight stays in Vienna. In addition to exciting discussions with participants from different countries of the Central Europe region, they will meet some of our interesting jury members and visit best practice projects with us.

Call for Submissions

The submission for the #reducefoodwaste blogger award 2017 is open for any published article of an existing blog dealing with food waste prevention or management in Central Europe written by a person living in Central Europe.
Central Europe: Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland
Submission will be accepted exclusively via online submission [here] from 1.9.2017 – 31.10.2017.

Submit Your Blog Article Here

Criteria for jury voting

Our international jury will be asked to choose the most impactful blog article to #reducefoodwaste by these criterias:

  • What are the potential ecological effects of this blog article?
    • Does it contribute to improve food waste management?
      eg. home composting prevents food waste ending up in landfill
    • Does it contribute to prevent food from being wasted?
      eg. recipes how to still use old bread, etc.
  • How is the general impression of article?
  • How big is the potential that readers of this blog article will take action on it?

The results will be a combination of jury and online voting: jury 60 % – online 40%

Selection Of Winners

In November 2017 we will pick the winners:

  • During the submission all accepted articles will be published. By the end of October 2017 all accepted articles will be online.
  • Online voting will be from 01. to 15.11.2017. Each person can vote for his/her favourite article once.
  • Meanwhile the jury will vote by considering the following criteria:

Timeline #reducefoodwaste blogger award 2017

Submission open from: 1.9. – 31.10.2017
Online Voting from: 1.11. – 15.1.2017
Announcement of the winners: 30.11.2017
All inclusive stay at the Transnational Blogger Meeting in Vienna, December 2017 (exact date announced soon)


For requests or feedback please can contact us via email: sandra.schwoedt@boku.ac.at