Thank you bloggers for submitting your great work to this award. Thank you all for voting for the best blog articles to #reducefoodwaste.

Selected by the online voting (40%) and the expert jury voting (60%) the 4 winners of the #reducefoodwaste blogger award 2017 are the submitted articles from the blogs Czech Zero Waste (PL), EkoEksperymenty (PL), Waste's End (AUT) and Ein Jahr im Glas (AUT).

The winners are invited to present their blog at the Transnational Blogger Meeting in Vienna on December 15th, 2017.
Do you want to meet them? Are you interested in learning more about communication to #reducefoodwaste?

The Winners


Zero (Food) Waste

I write about how to live Zero Waste on a day to day basis. In 2016 I started my project to only produce as much waste as would fit in a 1.5 l glas...



Ecological lifestyle in practice - living in little vilage in mountains, cycling and walking instead of using car, cooking from vegetables, zero wa...


Ultimate tips to reduce food waste

The blog Czech Zero Waste informs about zero waste lifestyle. Zero waste aims to reduce an amount of produced waste through reducing and refusing t...


Vision 0 kg Bananen pro Minute - Besonderer Genuss ohne Verschwendung!

In my Blog I am writing about the Zero Waste Lifestyle, a fascinating way to save resources, our environment and money.To enlarge the horizon and t...

More Great Entries



It is important for me to question things and be aware of ones impact in society and the environment. However, the more I deal with it, both profes...


Sustainability Ninja

I think I made a good point on my blog, so forgive me if I just copy that in here: I SEE MYSELF AS A CRITICAL FUTURE OPTIMIST. BUT IN THE END IT IS...


Green Projects - How To Stop Wasting Food

Green Projects blog is all about being ecological, simple, environmentally intelligent and eco-xciting. Being what?! Being eco-xciting because we b...


Go-Fooders. Entrepreneurial Minds Passionately Fighting to End Food Waste

Go-Fooders is a news website that aims at covering and providing insightful information and best practices, primarily, about organisations – social...


Nuancen Journal – magazine for holistic living

Nuancen Journal serves as a forum and guide to getting back to what we are all about. With contributions on nutrition, natural remedies, community ...

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No waste, No worries

Our Blog is part of the TEDxVienna community. We are here to create content during the year in between our conferences. Our aim is to spread ideas...

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Dumpster Diva :)

Freeganism in Europe


How waste becomes enjoyable

An Austrian blog with multimedia-based reportages about zero waste, fair fashion and packaging-free food.

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Dumpster Diva :)

This is a blog about freeganism and dumpster diving in Europe.


value your food | how to avoid food waste at home

This blog is for everyone who doesn’t want to wait any longer to find the perfect solution for the most sustainable life ever. It is for everyone w...

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ROEDLUVAN - versucht's jetzt nachhaltig

ROEDLUVAN is a green lifestyle Blog. Mira blogs personally about conscious travel, vegan food recipis, reduction of waste and slow fashion. Her pas...


Pestuj zeleninu. Je to větší legrace, než si myslíš

I share my garden experience on my blog. I grow my own vegetable for a few years. My aim is self-sufficiency. My garden produces enough carrots, on...


Jiddisches Penicillin

Mostly I cook Viennese cuisine, but I also make trips to the Mediterranean or Asian. I also use unusual parts of animals because I think if one of ...


Launisch & Schmackhaft - Ayurveda und Nachhaltigkeitsblog

Launisch (Moody) & Schmackhaft (Tasty) is the place for more well-being and sustainability in your life. I did not eat the wisdom with the spoon an...

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Droga do prostego życia

Wybór życia w prostocie oznacza spędzanie mniejszej ilości czasu na zarabianiu pieniędzy i prowadzenie egzystencji uniezależnionej od przedmiotów. ...


My adventure with wormcomposting

Nearly two years ago, I decided to make our household as sustainable as possible. This blog is an accounting of this transformation; documenting th...


Blisko Przyrody

Blisko Przyrody blog is about nature and ecology and all sort of issues connected to them. Lately I am very interested in zero waste lifestyle so y...


... for dreamers, doers, seekers and believers.

Stellamina is a digital platform for people believing that living a mindful an ethical lifestyle does not mean to renounce - but to simply take dec...


Blog pro mlsné jazýčky

A classic foodblog mainly about Czech and Moravian cuisine.



Wir beide lieben es zusammen zu kochen und unsere Freunde und Leser daran teilhaben zu lassen. Man braucht eine Küche, Inspirationen durch Kochbüch...

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Verrücktes Huhn - Neues aus dem wahren Leben

Das Verrückte Huhn (Crazy Chicken) comments what's happening in the world and comes with good ideas for the future. The chicken is crazy, social, f...


Umweltbewusst und regional Einkaufen, Initiativen und Sharing in Graz, Informationen und Tipps für ein nachhaltiges Leben

The Blog is about sustainable living in our everyday life. Waste of food is an absolute no go for us. We feature all small companies, farmers and m...


If you can dream it, you can make it

The Crafty Cat is about all things homemade and natural. It is a blog, where you can find real food recipes, do-it-yourself skin & beauty products,...


Zero Food Waste

Zero Waste Austria shows what is happening towards Zero Waste in Austria.

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Zero Waste Austria

Zero Waste Austria show what we can all do to reduce waste. It promotes the Zero Waste Lifestyle and projects helping you succeed with it.

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Agata Berry

Healthy lifestyle blog based in Warsaw.


Reducing Food Waste: The first (and most important?) step towards a sustainable diet

The Green Pumpkin is a blog in which I want to provide people with ideas for small, positive and step-by-step solutions to create habits for a more...

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Da ist der Wuem drinnen ...

Eco Vienna beschäftigt sich mit einem nachhaltigen, fairen, ökologischen, sozialen und veganen Lebenstil. Die Leser_innen finden bei uns vegane Rez...


Food Waste Recovery Blog of Charis Galanakis

This is a blog hosted, operated and maintained by Elsevier. The website gives the opportunity to authors post their articles. I contribute to this...


Pop Up Girl - Anything but basic

Pop Up Girl is a Food- and Lifestyle Blog based in Vienna. I am Catharina and I am a passionate hobby chef and photographer. I write about everythi...


Eat at your own risk

You may think that you're prepared for a disaster, but are you prepared for a cooking disaster?


Vegan Zerowaste Mama Blog

On my blog i write about our journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. I want to share ideas about healthy food, vegan recipes, zerowaste alternativ...


Vegan Zerowaste Mama Blog

On my blog I write about our way to a more sustainable lifestyle. I want to share ideas about healthy food, vegan recipes, zerowaste alternatives a...


Transforming trash into poetry

For the past nine years I have taken photos of food waste—scraps, compost, the mess left after a party—because we should spend just as much time lo...



Wir beide lieben es zusammen zu kochen und unsere Freunde und Leser daran teilhaben zu lassen. Man braucht eine Küche, Inspirationen durch Kochbüch...